Construction Site Management Construction Consultancy Construction Project Management Construction Assistance Equipment and Facilities


Construction Site Management​

By cooperating closely and supporting, we can create new paths and jointly manage the obstacles occurring.

Ineffective time on a construction site is worst case scenario always. And unfortunately, all subcontractors have a price for this time. We prevent it from being longer than needed.

We will “raise the flag” to keep all parties aware of the situation, we will resolicit new plans and we will be in the frontline to solve any issue that is raised.

  • Daily coordination, reporting and planning
  • Onsite management of heavy-duty construction work from start to finish​
  • Pre-planning of construction execution phase​
  • Local requirements​
  • HSE responsibility & QA​

Equipment & Facilities

Missing a bolt or transport damages to the delivered sections, can end up creating major delays for a project.

We find solutions on the spot, to prevent such delays.

We even have storage containers, with basic tools and equipment, that has proven several times to keep up efficiency, when the needed solution for the problem is unavailable.

  • Assessment of equipment needs and planning​
  • Equipment facility procurement​

Construction project management & Consultancy

Our experienced profiles maintain the best interest of our customers at all times. Also when it comes to contractual issues! The Contractual aspects can be an unforeseen part, that can put risks into a good project. We take pride in being prepared for any situation and make the customer also aware of what they need to be prepared for. We will support from the beginning to the end.

  • Subcontractor management​
  • Training requirements​
  • HSE requirements​
  • Local requirements​
  • Construction assessment during • due diligence​
  • Risk mitigation​
  • Cost management​
  • Back-to-back contracts​
  • Construction execution check​
  • Special scope tasks​

Construction Site Assistance

Tracking records and handling the great amount of documentation that is needed, both for local legislation queries and customers requests is a main priority to provide the top-quality services we do. 

  • Site Engineers to solve special needs onsite
  • QA
  • Documentation support
  • Assistance to construction managers
  • HSE assistance

The 9 MSA Ambitions

Which all employees strive to deliver in all our services

Target zero accidents and incidents

Proactive and positive attitude towards safety


Qualified and experienced leaders who understand who understands the importance of each team member

Quality management

Focus on delivering the product to high quality standards

Cost saving

Cost transparency and optimization

Risk reduction

Identification of risks to implement correct control measurements

Hour and cost consumption.

Tracking of contractors consumption and perfomance to insure the obligations are met

Solution oriented

Decisions are made on analysis and best practices

Progress and
performance overview

Advanced recording of progress to highlight on-site performance in relation to KPI’s and milestones

and leadership

Structured meetings with a focus on planning, to insure flawless execution between all parties and in all interfaces